Our Projects

Our Impact

  • 3,250,000+     
    Meals Served
    Food Packs distributed to unsupported widows, elderly, and differently-abled individuals...
  • 148,000+     
    Patients Treated
    Tayyab Hospital Deoband offers various charitable programs for treatment, diagnosis, maternity, surgery, medicines, and 24 hours ambulance service....
  • 851     
    Houses Built
    new economical and safe houses provided to refugees and widows...
  • 31,366     
    Disaster Victims
    Disaster Victims Supported : food, medical aid, shelter, supplies, water etc. given for emergency relief...
  • 4500+     
    Youth Trained
    professional vocational centers established in different regions of India to train youth on employable skills...

Why us


Tayyab Trust has a unique approach towards charity: we strengthen individuals by solving their root problems on-the-ground, ensuring maximum transparency and true impact. Our 'why' is rooted in the belief that individuals when empowered can break through from poverty and impact the world for better. We make sure that all our efforts are focused on this mission and that is why we do what we do.

Through meaningful and creative projects, we give access to affordable healthcare, build and enliven low-cost homes, help educate and train the youth, sustain those who are unsupported, and many more awesome causes! Join us now and help make a difference today.

Success Stories

Kerala Floods 2018 Relief

The 2018 Kerala (India) floods have left hundreds dead and millions of people displaced. It is the worst flooding in Kerala in almost a century and the state has faced damages estimated around $3 billion. In response to the devastating floods, Tayyab Trust team distributed requested food and household items to affected families in various regions of Kerala. These families are living in extreme poverty and have lost their houses and most if not all their belongings

  • Kerala Floods 2018 Relief
  • More Stories Coming Soon!

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