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Our journey began with this one question, “why does poverty exist?” Today, billions of people live in poverty, with India estimated to have one-third of the world’s poor. Lack of education, limited resources, epidemic diseases, etc. are some of the major contributors towards these numbers. Tayyab Trust was established on the idea of tackling poverty among the struggling communities and families. We believe that through relief and development, poverty can significantly be reduced. Continuous actions create real impact, which in turn creates sustainable positive change. Our causes are directly linked to our goal of combating poverty, and we are confident in the belief that through diligent work, we will be able to reach these goals.

The journey in the past few years has been full of challenges, excitement, and fulfillment. A humble start in 2012 with just Tayyab Hospital turned into an international organization, handling emergencies, rehabilitation, skill development, water aid, and many other development projects. Over the years, we were able to achieve significant impact throughout India, changing many lives for the better. We are committed to develop innovative approaches and solutions to reach out to the communities in need, ensuring their holistic development and systematic alleviation from poverty.

Sincerity and spirituality of our work has never compromised the professionalism that is required to do these jobs with transparency and accountability. In fact, it is one of the key reasons why we gained the trust of our donors and partners worldwide in such a short period of time. We thank every individual, organization, institution and the team of Tayyab Trust who believe in our cause of serving humanity and stood with us in every step of the way. We are especially thankful to the government of India for their constant cooperation and support to NGOs like ourselves.

In today’s challenging world, when we are witnessing more frequent and intense natural disasters and conflicts, poverty stricken communities have new challenges. Our united response to the emergencies and community upliftment efforts have made a lasting difference in millions of lives around the world. Driven by passion and purpose, Tayyab Trust remains steadfast in continuously delivering humanitarian aid to people in need without any bias of their religion, cast, or belief. May the coming days bring us peace, prosperity and unity


Tayyab Trust is a global non-profit organization empowering individuals to rise out of poverty through relief and development.


To inspire and uplift individuals from the struggles of poverty.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has"

Margret Mead


Our executive board consists of a wide range of academics, philanthropists, and businessman with vast professional experiences in their respective fields. We have built a network of highly motivated, respected, and talented individuals that value our cause and contribute towards our mission. With a global presence in countries like India, UK, and USA, the wide array of individuals add to our vision building and strategic approaches for work. Such an international board is extremely useful and we appreciate all their efforts.